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888sk集团登录网址|If youre still painstakingly killing all your apps in the hopes of squeezing out some extra battery life from your iPhone, you can officially stop.如果你还在煞费苦心地通过重开所有应用程序来为你的iPhone电池缩短一点点寿命的话,那么现在你可以月收手了。Apples iOS chief Craig Federighi has dispelled the myth that force closing your iPhone apps will help save your battery. The executive confirmed that killing apps isnt necessary for your battery and said that he is not in the habit of closing his apps.苹果iOS总监克雷格·酬劳德里吉早已回应了关于擅自重开iPhone应用程序需要节约电池寿命的传言。


酬劳德里吉证实:重开转换的应用程序对缩短你的电池寿命并毋处,同时也回应自己也没随时重开后台应用于的习惯。Federighi, who oversees iOS and OS X, was responding to an email sent by an Apple customer to CEO Tim Cook when he made the comments. In the email, which was first published by 9to5Mac, the customer asked Cook, do you quit your iOS multitasking apps fre888sk集团新网站quently and is this necessary of battery life?酬劳德里吉平时负责管理监督iOS和OS X研发,此前一位苹果手机用户在对产品展开对系统时向苹果公司CEO蒂姆·库克发送到了一封邮件,酬劳德里吉对这位顾客展开了恢复。


该邮件年所由9to5Mac网站发布,在邮件中,这位苹果用户告知库克:“你不会会常常随时重开你的iOS的多任务应用程序,这对于提升续航否有效地?”Though the note, dated March 6, was sent to Cook, Federighi weighed in the next day with a simple answer. No and no, he wrote.虽然这封邮件于3月6号发给的库克,但最后毕竟酬劳德里吉在第二天代劳给与了恢复。针对这位用户明确提出的两个问题,酬劳德里吉的问都是“no”。This is far from the first time this particular myth has been debunked. Apples own support page even states that generally, theres no need to force an app to close unless its unresponsive.这并不是苹果公司第一次回应这个传言。

苹果在自己的协助页面甚至专门展开了声明:“一般来讲,没适当强迫重开后台应用程序,除非手机经常出现卡顿等情况。”Thats because, as 9to5Mac and others have pointed out, most of the apps that appear in the multitasking view when you double press the home button arent actually running in the background.正如9to5Mac网站和其他媒体所言,不必重开后台的原因在于,当你双击手机主画面按钮时,表明在屏幕列表上的大多数应用程序并没确实运营,只是你在过去早已关上的应用程序的静态图像。


Of course, its always a good idea to check your app settings every once in awhile to make sure that the apps that are using your location actually need it — as location services tend to use up the most battery. Also, disabling background refresh on apps you dont use very much is a good idea. Some apps, like Facebooks, may be worse offenders at sucking your battery dry than others.当然,间隔一段时间查阅你的应用程序管理,以便确认正在用于定位功能的程序否显然必须GPS这一功能倒是个不俗的习惯。因为一般来说来讲,这些定位服务不会消耗手机大量的电量。




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