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888sk集团登录网址|Ever tried to answer a smart phone with your hands full? Try your foot instead. Kick Soul is an insole that you can slip inside shoes to control digital devices with a flick of your foot.你否尝试过当双手都被填满的时候接电话呢?转用你的脚试试。Kick Soul是一款鞋垫,你可以轻踏你的脚来滑动鞋垫,从而掌控电子设备。Xavier Benavides and his team at the MIT Media Lab sewed a gyroscope and accelerometer between two layers of spongy insole. The system’s algorithm analyses the foot’s motion and transmits the information via Bluetooth to your phone.在麻省理工媒体实验室,Xavier Benavides和他的团队在两层海绵鞋垫间缝入了一个陀螺仪和加快计。系统算法不会分析脚的动作并通过蓝牙发送至你的手机。


It recognizes two foot movements: pushing an imaginary object away with your foot, and pulling one closer to you. With just two foot motions, you can scroll, zoom in and out on a map, accept or reject a phone call, save a file or delete it. The idea is that the smart phone’s Bluetooth detects which compatible smart devices are nearby and works out which ones the user wants to operate. The algorithm can differentiate between fidgeting or walking and intentional movements.它可以辨识两种脚部动作:用你的脚将一个想象的物体冲出以及加深。有了这两个动作,你可以翻页,缩放和增大地图,电话或拒绝接受电话,留存或移除一个文件。

智能手机的蓝牙可以观测出有哪个共存的智能设备在附近并计算出来出有哪个是使用者想运营的。算法可以区别出有坐立不安或长时间行驶与有意识的动作。Ten people tested the insoles and said they were comfortable and unobtrusive. The idea was presented at a user interface conference in North Carolina earlier this month. Benavides thinks the system is perfect for answering calls or turning on lights when laden with groceries, for example. “It’s very useful because our feet are almost always free,” he says.10个人测试了这款鞋垫,指出很难受很隐密。






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